Discipline & Outreach for Leading Ladies & Support (DOLLS)

Program Overview

The Discipline & Outreach for Leading Ladies & Support (DOLLS) is a program of the Community Association of Resources, Education, Enrichment & Economics (CARE), Inc. that connects Girls in our community with a safety net of services and providers when and where they need it. The program is designed to help girls ages 10-18 primarily, but is a resource for parents, school staff and administrators. Our program helps with student discipline and offers an alternative to suspension and incarceration. We provide girls with someone to talk to about everyday life, the real world.

The DOLLS Program is a community based mentoring & support program that works with girls at-risk today, promoting their development and individual strengths, fostering healthy relationships and creating sustainable family and community relationships and connections. Our mentors are trained to use the following alternatives to manage inappropriate behaviors for girls:

  • Problem solving or contracting
  • Restitution
  • Mini courses or modules
  • Parent involvement/supervision
  • Counseling
  • Community service
  • Behavior monitoring
  • Coordinated behavior plans
  • Alternative programming
  • Appropriate in-school suspension


Spring Break Activities

Spring Break Camp 2015

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Summer Camps

Real World/Youth Volunteer Crew

When:  July 6, 2015 – July 17, 2015

Where:  Gunston Community Center, 2700 S. Lang St., Arlington, VA  22206

Cost:  $100 per week


Two weeks of summer learning and fun.

The Real World & Youth Volunteer Crew (YVC) is a service learning group that engages teens as leaders to develop job skills and good work ethics, working with a crew.

Each crew in the program works on issues such as literacy, hunger, poverty, the sick, elderly or services that are relevant to the Arlington community.  After completing the two week session participants will have opportunities to be engaged all summer, when available.

Program components will include the following:

  • Enhance Basic Academic Skills & Technology Skills
  • Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity
  • Real life team & relationship building opportunities
  • Career Exploration and Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership, Education and Development
  • Community Service and Engagement
  • Real World Math
  • Learning By Doing

This is a unique camp experience like no other. We provide a positive and engaging environment for personal growth and development of all participants through training and service learning.

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Girls can meet with our community partner Jireh’s Place at Drew on the  2nd & 4th Thursday’s.

ARLINGTON Teen_Flyer_2014-15[1]

Boys will be able to meet soon with Black Tie on 1st & 3rd Thursday’s at Drew.

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